Voting For Principle

“You have to vote GOP (or Democrat) or the other will win.”  That’s what the fear mongers have told you in every election for your entire lifetime. They say you have to accept a horrible candidate because the other candidate is marginally worse. I don’t accept that. I will not sanction evil because the other guy is more evil. I will not vote for one set of shackles because they seem to have better padding than the other set.  The fear mongers keep telling you this but you can see the results of your compliance in the nearly continuous expansion of government power, size, and debt over the last 40 years. If you continue to comply with their program then the results are your fault. Our current mess is the fault of people like you. And people like me for as long as I bought into their false dilemma.

Because I’m liberty-minded, I tend to hear this argument from the GOP more than from the Democrats because they assume I would vote their way if there were no choice.  Like I said, the current mess is the fault of people who vote that way and that included me for as long as I bought into their fear-mongering.



How many times before we wake up to the fact that the GOP is just the other side of the same big government anti-Liberty machine?  But they want to blame me if the other side wins.

Blame me all you want if you don’t mind accepting the blame for thirty years of the GOP saying one thing and doing the opposite. Blame me for actually voting my principles rather than compromising them like you are willing to do. They can blame all they want. That’s all they have left once they’ve abandoned the fight for principle.

The major parties do not own votes or voters.  If they want the votes of principled liberty-focused voters, then they should actually make a stand for liberty when they are in office. They have not and do not. They will not get my vote. Will I win?  Probably not. But since when has winning been the criteria for doing the right thing?