The True State of the Union?

I’ve lost most of my confidence in the political class. I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils. That merely guarantees more evil. Unfortunately the majority of Americans are willing to compromise so long as the free shit keeps rolling in. It’s not going to change before it all collapses. The Democrats offer fast collapse while the Republicans offer slightly slower collapse. Maybe it would be better to just rip the bandaid off. Hopefully there will be enough people left dedicated to liberty to rebuild at least a smaller free republic afterwards.

We are past the tipping point. Federal debt and liabilities mean the government is insolvent. The true inflation rate (the actual amount of overprinting of our fiat money) requires merely a hiccup to bring the house of cards tumbling. And the Fed keeps printing more of its promissory note legal tender. Federal scope and power has so overflowed the dikes put in place by the Constitution that it is doubtful that this should even be considered the same country. Ninety-four million working age Americans are not working but the official “unemployment rate” is only 5%. Half of the American people pay no income tax yet get to decide what the other half pays. The Democratic Party has fallen so far that it has a criminal as its front runner over an admitted socialist while the best the GOP can offer is Donald Trump followed by a bunch of semi competents whose idea of smaller govt is trimming the increases.

The number of people unwilling to trade their liberty for security continues to decline. Many no longer even consider liberty as they hand their power away. Of course there is hope in that only 11% or so actively participated in the American Revolution. The rest were either loyalists or apathetic.

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